Christmas Shape Up 30 Day Workout Challenge

Christmas will be here before you know it…and then it will be a brand new year! Rather than waiting til the New Year starts, consider joining me for the Christmas Shape Up 30 Day Workout Challenge this year!  I have created two great printable options to help you focus on your health between now and January 1st (although you can use them all year long).  One of the best ways to stay on top of your health regimen is to be held accountable.  This exercise tracker and the water tracker are ideal for a Christmas Shape Up Challenge.  The challenge is 30 days, but with these printables, you can do this throughout the year and not just leading up to the holidays.

Christmas Shape Up 30 Day Workout Challenge

As with any health or workout change, you should consult with your physician to make sure you are safe to proceed.  Most low-impact exercise is totally safe, but it is always wise to double check before making any changes in your health routine.

The holidays are always tough on people trying to lose weight or get healthy. With all of the treats and big holiday events with decadent meals, it is tough to watch what you eat.  Our printable exercise tracker and water tracker is ideal for helping you to lose weight by Christmas.  The Christmas Shape Up 30 Day Workout Challenge is one that focuses on drinking more water, exercising, and staying focused on better health options.

The daily workout challenge includes: 

  • Jumping Jacks- 50
  • Squats- 20
  • Mountain Climbers- 20
  • Crunches- 50
  • Burpees- 20
  • Lunges- 20 each leg
  • Push Ups- 15
  • Plank- 30 seconds

Doing each of these exercises daily is the biggest part of the workout challenge.  Additionally, drinking water and eating healthier options is vital to your success.

How To Use Our 30 Day Workout Challenge Printables:

The Christmas Shape Up Workout Challenge printable is ideal for you to keep track of your daily workouts.  We’ve also included a complete Water Tracker printable that is ideal for helping remind you to drink water each day.  You can print these out each month and document your routine to hold yourself accountable.

  • Measure your waist, hips, stomach, chest, thighs, and arms.  Mark these measurements down to track as you continue with the plan.  Remember, gaining strength and losing inches is more important than the numbers listed on a scale.
  • Follow the recommended exercises listed on the 30 day workout challenge printable.  If you are unable to complete moves, adapt to the best of your ability.  I also recommend adding in extra walking or jogging/running if you are able to increase more cardio and calorie burning.
  • Eat nutrient-dense foods and avoid processed foods.  This includes making more food from scratch at home, snacking on fruits and vegetables, and avoiding eating out.
  • Repeat the 30 day workout challenge as often as desired.

This 30 day workout challenge is ideal for you to begin getting fit and make changes before the holidays hit.  Work on increasing your water intake and eating nutrient-dense foods to provide fuel for your body as you work through these exercises each day.

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