Boost Your Manifesting Power With Crystals

Crystals are a great source of cosmic energy but they have their use as divination tools too. They heal, they attract, they transform performing alchemy of sorts and they also manifest. A crystal can also tell us a lot about us and through the information we get from their soul-power, we can access our own.

Crystals can reveal our deep-seated desires, our subconscious blocks and our power which we haven’t been aware of. And through them, we can connect to our highest potential.

Here, I’m using four crystals to bring home your power of manifestation. Before choosing any one or two of them, center yourself with the following ritual and then look at the crystals. Whichever calls to you/attracts you more is your divination. Then go below and see what it suggests.

  • Sit comfortably and close your eyes.
  • Focus on your breathing.
  • Focus on the sensations when you inhale and when you exhale.
  • Now open your eyes and look at the crystals.
  • Whichever attracts you at this point is your divination.

Choose Your Crystal

If you chose Rose Quartz:

Your energy is subtle, loving & healing. Helping others in some way may lead you to your life path. When you are disillusioned and confused, heal others and help them tide their difficulty and confusions and you’ll get clarity in everything.

Healing is your way of life. With words, actions and deeds you can uplift, advance and expand others’ horizons.

The manifesting power for you lies in your heart chakra, sacral chakra and throat chakra. When you communicate with consciousness on all levels without fear or surmounting your fears, you will materialize your dreams faster. This also means that affirmations, mantra chanting and visualization with power words are your go-to manifestation practices.

Forgiveness will also help you open yourself to more abundance and prosperity.

If you chose Azurite:

Your thoughts affect you on all levels and you are a strong manifestor. Your third eye activates fast and when it’s awakened properly, you can create a life of your choice.

You are affected by the jealousy – and many times deliberate vindictiveness – of others. It happens because you shine very bright and many people who are not able to accept their own shadow-self retaliate to this beautiful energy of yours.

You need to be cautious with whom you share your dreams and goals. Perhaps limit your sharing to close family and friends, but it’s often better if kept to yourself. Your manifestations will be successful easily when not divulged to anybody, this will help you gain your energy and power to materialize faster.

Your dreams and goals are sacred and they should be kept sacred for fast materialization. Your thoughts are very strong and so visualization and the right focus on the right thoughts will bring about amazing results. Keep shielding and protecting yourself from unwanted karmic cycles which are not yours to bear.

If you chose Pyrite:

Your energy is all about prosperity and that is what is important to you this lifetime. You have to be independently responsible for it and you’ll always find ways and means to attract it.

This seems to be the right time for you to start any new venture: Is there anything that has taken your fancy or something you have a strong desire for. You have to take a strong stance if you want something permanent and secure to be built up in your career. You will have to rely only on your expertise and talents.

Your manifestation power lies in your Solar Plexus.Your self-reliance, confidence and the motivation to move forward in any circumstances finding solutions and moving beyond difficulty will lead you to success. Work with water magic as you’ll respond to it faster, materializing your dreams easily.

Balancing your life, mind, thoughts, spirits and emotions will lead you to success.

If you chose Amethyst:

If you’ve chosen Amethyst, know that you not only have strong manifestation energy but also the energy of alchemy. You can change and transmute difficult negative energies into positive ones, negative thoughts into your power, and solutions to access your goals.

Your challenge is not to get into the mundane drama of life and chose your battles consciously. Your manifesting power lies with your Crown and root chakra and balancing them will bring the right rewards to you.

The more you create a detached attitude without losing sensitivity, the more successful in manifestation you will be. Grounding and centering are important to you.

Leave a comment below to tell me which crystal you chose and how you will use your new-found knowledge to manifest what you want!

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